hello, my name online is ghostpants, but you can just call me ko or lain. i like to spend my time making fun of the shit my classmates post on social media, playing videogames, watching anime, listening to music and sketching despite the fact that i'm a horrible artist.

the internet is probably my favorite thing. it's the thing that keeps me from feeling stressed. going on my phone or computer is an escape from reality.


johnnie guilbert, cold weather, rainy days, night time, creepypastas, weirdcore, dark web, paranormal stuff, horror, alone time, my room, hanging out with close friends, halloween, new clothes, old web, 90's and early 2000's anime, indie horror games, reading, soap, gory movies, ARGS, true crime, early emo fashion


most people at my school, school in general, hot weather, sunny days, bright colors, loud noises, people who make fun of tone indicators, weird food textures, vacations, most of my family, parties, modern web, facetime, group projects, school couples, physical education, exercise.. i am god awful at running

pronouns: they/it/he

Age: 51

united states

zodiac: taurus

sexuality: gay


anime: serial experiements of lain, neon genesis evangelion, mirai nikki

videogame: fnaf, sally face, omori, fran bow, stardew

band: my chemical romance, get scared, pierce the veil, three days grace

movie: fantastic mr fox

candy: meiji hello panda cookies

kins: komaeda, crona, salad fingers, edward scissorhands, rei, lain